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explosion in the gulf of mexico ... with reports of injuries and missing workers. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. our top story comes just a day after b-p agreed to pay billions in fines for the 2010 deep horizon explosion on the gulf. this morning's blast happened about 25 miles off the coast of grand isle, louisiana. the coast guard says four people have been airlifted to hospitals .... and at least two others are missing. the rig is owned by black elk energy ... and a new orleans t- v station reports about 28
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people were on board at the time of the explosion. the coast guard says unlike the deepwater horizon blast in 2010 ... the black elk rig wasn't actively producing oil. so far there are no reports of oil leaking into the water. the fire has been put out. former c-i-a director david petraeus faces lawmakers on capitol hill for the first time today since his stunning resignation. he testified about the deadly attack on a u-s consulate in benghazi, libya in september. he was the director of the spy agency at the time. u-s ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the assault. petraeus testifed the c-i-a told the obama administration an al-qaeda linked group was behind the attack. but, he claimed the white house changed this assessment. he added he knew an anti- islamic video didn't spark the assault... contradicting president obama and other white house officials.
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>> the ambassador's statement represented the best possible and for mission without jeopardize in classified information. ... the cia eventually approved the white house's decision to remove "al-qaeda" from the assessment, but didn't give a reason why. a lawmaker did ask petraeus if his affair had any impact on his testimony, and he said "no." the cia launches an investigation into petraeus. as we mentioned, petraeus suddenly resigned from the post last week... because he had an extramarital affair with his biographer, paula broadwell. the c-i-a says the purpose of its investigation is simple: to see if there are any lessons to learn from this scandal. attorney general eric holder said yesterday petraeus' affair didn't compromise national security. the context is a little clearer... about the f-b-i agent who helped start the
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investigation that led to petraeus' downfall. there were reports frederick humphries sent a photo of himself without a shirt on... to several people, including a woman named jill kelley, back in 2010. well, this appears to be the photo... it shows him after a "swat" practice, posing between two shirtless and bald dummies with the caption: "which one's fred?" jill kelley went to humphries and told him she was receiving harassing emails from an anonymous person. that person turned out to be paula broadwell. jill kelley sent several emails to her mayor in tampa florida... complaining she was receiving threats. she wrote them in the early hours of tuesday and wednesday. she said her three children are scared, and her husband can't return home from work because there's so much media blocking the driveway. she also stated the truth will one day prevail in this scandal. kelly recently called the police and asked for diplomatic protection... citing her role as honorary consul to south korea. wgn has learned that alderman sandi jackson is back in washington d-c. she got there last night because of a family health issue not related to her husband jesse jackson jr.
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she usually goes to d.c. on weekends, but left early because of the family health issue. sandi jackson was absent from yesterday's budget vote at city hall. jackson called in sick yesterday, making this her second missed budget vote. a year after metra's biggest fare hike ever, the transit agency board may be coming back for more- raising fares once again. the board voted a short time ago. and they voted 72 to raise the price of the tickets by 11 percent. the riders said they were unhappy with the decision but they said they have no choice. they have no option but to commute into the city each day. the company that makes twinkies and ho-ho's announced this morning it's going out of business. thousands of employees are out of a job. wgn's judy wang reports from the hostess factory in schiller park. a big blow just days before thanksgiving. hostess set a
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deadline for striking workers to return to work. that deadline passed and at 6 a.m. chicago time, the company did what it. order the court to seek permission to go out of business. >> show park workers were not on strike but stood in solidarity with those who were walked out of the job. now there are 18,000 employees nationwide out of a job. >> members of the company's second-largest union went on strike last year because of health and retirement benefits. and a reduction in pay. the wreckers were told that they did not return to work by 4:00 p.m. thursday, they would close its doors. in a statement the chief executive officer said we did regret the necessity of today's decision but we do not have the financial resources to weather
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an extended nationwide strike. he goes on to say hostas will focus on selling its assets to the highest bidder. >> it has been sinking in for the last couple of months and now it is real everybody is going to lose their jobs. we do not like it but there is nothing we can do about it. >> hostess started in 1930 and bowed for bankruptcy in january. it is their second bankruptcy filing. they say the workers had already given up a lot. >> we had to gamble based on the situation that we have. so it was a must do for us. we were hoping that they would work with us but apparently they are not willing to, so we will have to live with the consequences. >> the plants as i right now. they said deliveries will continue and retail stores will remain open for several more days to sell what is left. there are some workers who are holding out hoping that another company
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will step in and take over. others do not believe that is likely to happen. illinois' financial shape could get even worse, if the u-s falls over the so-called "fiscal cliff" at the end of the year. state revenue director natalie davila says the state stands to lose one billion dollars if president obama and congress can't agree on what to do about the tax increases and spending cuts that kick in. davila says that's because the tax hikes would leave less money for people to spend and result in less revenue for the state. the one billion doesn't even include the loss of money to state agencies from federal budget cuts. if an agreement is reached davila says theere will be a small increase in tax money collected but not enough to cover all of the state's expenses.
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first degree murder charge in a former chicago police detective is scheduled to be sentenced today in a drunk driving accident that killed three people. frogoli was convicted. a former chicago police detective is convicted of fleeing the scene of a fatal accident three years ago. joseph frugoli already pleaded guilty to dui charges last week,after evidence showed that his blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit. police say 23-year old andrew cazares, 20-year old fausto manzeras and another man were killed when fugoli hit their stalled car and it burst into flames on the dan ryan experessway. witnesses testified they saw frugoli run from the scene of the accident. the former detective now faces up to 28 years in prison for his guilty plea on two counts of aggravated dui. he could face up to 15 more years - for fleeing the scene of a fatal crash.
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the teenager has been charged with shooting death of a 16 year-old girl and the rose they'll neighborhood. the 80 your faces a first-degree murder charge in the death of taylor fitting. this happen about a block away from land its home. the cook county sheriff's office is asking for the public's help in identifying unknown skeletal remains. the remains were found in july of 2008 near cicero in a wooded area near pershing road and central avenue. using facial reconstruction technology we now have an idea of what the victim looked like. the victim is a white male between the ages of 55 to 75 years old with gray or brown hair -- and between five feet one and five feet six inches tall. anyone who recognizes this man is asked to call the cook county sheriff's office at 708-865- 6244. a chicago firefighter was injured while putting out flames and a vacant building. the firefighter was pulling holes into the building when the floor
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collapsed underneath him sending him plunging into the basement where the fire was burning. firefighters had to pull him out through a window. he may have suffered a broken wrist and is reported in stable condition. the cause of the fire is under investigation. police have released the sketches of two men, wanted in connection with a violent robbery in south suburban stickney. it happened around 6-15 last night, in the 53-hundred block of west 51st street in stickney. police say a woman walked in a robbery in progress in her garage. that's when the men grabbed the woman by the throat, punched her, cut her clothing and shoved her to the ground. the suspects are described as:an african american man in his late 30's, around 6 foot 4. he has medium braided hair a goatee, a gold front tooth and a partial tattoo with the letter j on his neck. the second man is a hispanic male in his mid to late 30's. heavy set with thick eyebrows, curly black hair and a short beard. anyone with informaition is asked to call cook county detectives. the old prentice women's
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hospital gets a reprieve from being torn down. a judge issued a temporary stay yesterday, preventing the city from granting a demolition permit for the building. the judge wants to determine if a lawsuit by preservationists has any merit. it seeks to strike down a decision by the chicago's landmarks commission to withdraw landmark status. northwestern university now owns the building, and wants to tear it down and build a modern medical research facility. the bulls have his pick a spot for its new practice facility. it will be a 55,000 square foot building schedule to be completed in time for the 2014- 2015 season. the bulls have been practicing at the center in fairfield since 1992. the mayor said the team will pay for the entire project. >> come up whether not jay cutler will pay play against the
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49ers'. coming up rachel re. and also don't forget to send your questions to butterball talk line. bow to the beauty in doubt, and click up with the web chat link at the top of the page. i said to my wife the other
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day: i bet you that we could save by switching to a cheaper detergent than tide. and what did i tell you? that it was a bad idea. and? and she was right... the clothes weren't as clean and even i could tell. so, no savings. we're back to tide. and now, i'm doing the laundry all month. with tide, obviously. good boy. "good boy." [ female announcer ] one scoop of tide original gives you more cleaning power than six scoops of the leading powder detergent with oxi. [ wife ] that's my tide. what's yours? shortly after israel staged massive air strikes on gaza this morning -- hamas has responded by sending two rockets
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towards jerusalem. the rockets did not hit the city and no injuries or damages have been reported israel said it is only defending itself this morning, after more than four hundred enemy rockets were fired from gaza since wednesday. the israeli defense is targeting launch sites, and the israeli navy is aiming at sites on the gaza shore. both sides ignored a cease-fire that had been arranged for the egyptian premier's visit today. four people are dead after a truck collided with a train at a west texas veteran's day parade. the flatbed truck was carrying parade participants when an eastbound train slammed into it. first responders found two dead at the scene - and two others were pronounced dead later at midland memorial hospital. ten others were treated and released -- five remain in critical condition. the national transportation safety board will begin an investigation that will review the camera footage from the train.
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and as senator dick durbin was to take some of the caffeine out of energy drinks. senator richard broomball of connecticut want to meet with the fda to talk about settling lower caffeine limits on the drinks. the chicago alderman want to ban the sale of energy drinks to anyone younger than 21. he's targeting the drinks like red bull and monster. he wants to testify before the health committee before proposing any legislation. peterson was to be sentenced january 10th but the county judge gave the defense until december 14th to file their post trial motions. the state then has until january 9th to refer to file his responses to those motions. a sentences
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they will not be filed until both parties have responded to those motions. >> there is a lot of turkey that will be wasted this thanksgiving. at lunch break where cooking with the one and only a rachel re. >> what are you making rachel? >> i am making exactly what i made last year. the symbol in a sauce with red wine.
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ups says it is cooperating with the investigation. fedex says it finds the entire thing of serbs and is asking the justice department to create an industry-wide solution instead. we are following the information with the u.s. postal service. the record is that they lost money for this fiscal year. they need about $250 million a day to pay its workers. without action from congress they said they will temporarily run out of cash by october 15, 2013. stop treating up this afternoon erasing earlier losses. it does at the house speaker john bender said budget talks with president obama would was constructedconstructive.
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with thanksgiving upon us we should have a cleaner place. the national resources defense says americans will throw out a whopping $282 million worth of turkey leftovers this year. the usda says a little over one- third perfectly good turkey meat in the u.s. goes on in. for many things given dinner is always followed by black friday shopping. one in five americans will hit the store after dinner this year. according to a survey shoppers will spend less than they did last holiday season. coming up next expert advice on how to prepare your car for winter. and be sure to send all your questions for the butterball turkey hot line. you can log in to our website.
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before the snow starts-- you'll want to make sure you have the right tires. editor-in-chief jean jennings with some tips. >> if you live in the snow belt or if you live in a place where there's no in the mountains, or you go skiing, snow tires are a must. independent studies testing tires on a snow packed road show that a winter tire acceleration was better braking was better, all the important things by a wide margin. you would think that the six systems on your car you're a b.s. breaking, track control stability control would control your cars tracking but all they really do is aid the tires that are on your car. that's the most traction you're going to get. to improve traction you have to change the tire. this is a
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bridgestone it is covered with a little tiny slits in the tire called spikes. all tires have spikes the help with that griffin. a winter tire has all sides. it is wall-to-wall which means that these little slits open up and grip and grabbed the snow. that's where you're getting the big attraction. >> for information check out the website at a gene that knows cars dot com. >> the final twilight movie in the side of breaking don part to opens today. if you missed his reviews earlier wgn entertainment critic dean richards says twilight fans will have a sense of completion with the story and the vampires and werewolves teaming up against the evil despite acting and a script that is so bad, it is often unintentionally hilarious. the movie's only redeeming value
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is the climax battle scene that offers up a big surprise. it's only a dean's list c. >> coming up next is, with your full forecas you've heard me talk about one reverse mortgage for years now. and no matter where i go i get the same questions -- what is it? how does it work? so i thought that the best way for you to get those answers is to actually meet a client and a one reverse mortgage licensed professional. come on... what happened when you made that call? first of all we had to clarify immediately that the house would be mine. the biggest misinterpretation out there is that people think they don't own their home and that's not the case at all. what is the difference between a reverse mortgage and a regular mortgage? well a conventional mortgage has a required monthly payment. a reverse mortgage has no requirement to make a monthly payment as long as you continue to live in the home.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back. we are on the verge of a nice warm up. we are sitting pretty in the center of the current country. we have trouble on both coasts. these pictures are from st. augustine florida. he said they had to find a new way to their home because the whole beach was under water. this is a stairwell and down to their beach. the water laps up against it. this is not a sandy or a nor a situation like last week. look
12:30 pm
at the erosion that is going on on the coast line. pearson face book communications from one of our viewers in the outer banks of north carolina. this said the road to their sense sand continue to go under water at high tide. when you look at the beautiful sunny skies here, we are in great shape with warming trends under way and expected to continue into the thanksgiving weekend. you can see the package in this .... this should be a great night to watch the meteor. there should be 10-15 of them during the hours before bringing thedaybreak tomorrow. we
12:31 pm
expect 53 today compared to 46 degrees one year ago. that is a nice warm up. that will be our first 50 degree temperature this week. look at the trend in temperatures over the next seven days. we go above normal from there and by the time we get to tuesday we are five above normal. we could have the first 60 degree plus thanksgiving in 14 years. there's only been nine of the total since the time we have been keeping records. it is
12:32 pm
getting cold out west but that is not going to affect us. this is the third below normal temperatures as we previously pointed out. we have west desk-east jet streams. 51 at midland, 52 at o'hare. there is no wind at the moment. do 0.30%. dryness of the air means that we get cool at night. as we cool off each night there is a potential for some fog patches. 49 degrees at lincoln park. 52 at mchenry. the arctic air is that day until late in the forecast. here we
12:33 pm
are at saturday, sunday, see how the warm air begins collecting and the planes. all of the storms hitting the west coast and dumping moisture was in the warm air by us. on wednesday and thursday of next week we should be pretty warm. then the cold air will pour into the area by next weekend. 50 degrees is our forecast today. on sunday and even hire mid-upper 50s to the west of us. low pressure sits down here. this high will move up over the maritime provinces. east winds are hitting the entire east coast. from time to time we expect low pressure to develop and hit the coast line with waves of shower from time
12:34 pm
to time. here are the advisory's for coastal flooding and small craft advisories. the run-up to the jersey coast. the anticipation of more weather on the west coast advisory's 4 gales and heavy flooding wanes. rains. here shows the length of time that the weather will occur on the east coast. there are
12:35 pm
days when these winds are going to pile up against the coast. storms are dropping out of the gulf of alaska and about ready to take over the west coast. but get some of the computer model forecasts. there are the two troublespots if you're traveling over the holiday weekend. this afternoon, the fog is gone. we expect a lot of sunshine, high temperature of 51 today with north east winds at 4-12 mi. per hour. tonight cloudy, hazy, chile and low of 35. lamar mostly sunny hazy, mild with gentle winds off the lake. the
12:36 pm
average highs are in the mid '40's at this time of the year. partly sunny hazy, still mild on sunday. we could be talking about 60 degree temperatures next week. this is a nice interruption in what has been a cool autumn. some people say they like their thanksgiving cool. they want us to understand that not everybody liked their thanksgiving or more. >> we are going to look at sports right after the break.ú=time
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for sports. jay cutler will not play this week, and back- up jason campbell will start monday night. campbell has been practicing with the first- team offense this week at halas hall, but it will be his first start of the year. cutler suffered the concussion late in the first half against the texans last sunday night. lovie smith has said the cutler is improving, and his teammates say he's doing fine. the color situation has not changed changed brian urlacher's stance on concussions. he says he would still lie to hide a concussion and stay in the game. urlached added that playing football is a choice, but if he suffered a lot of concussions he would probably stop. matt garza's elbow is healing
12:40 pm
properly, and he's been cleared to begin his offseason training regiment. the cubs hope that he'll be ready to pitch by spring training on february ninth. the cubs also signed garza's former teammate, navarro to a one- year deal. he was an all- star catcher with tampa bay in 2008, but he spent most of last season in triple- a, and only played 24 games with the reds. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. midday - pick 3 = 409
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pick 4 = 0 - 8 - 6 - 4 powerball
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on the medical alert, the maker of the diabetes drug avandia will pay ninety million dollars to settle claims with nearly 40 states... over allegations it knew the drug posed risks but hid it from the public. glaxosmithkline, settled with 37 states and the district of columbia. in february 2010, an extensive report by the senate finance committee claimed that the drug was linked with tens of thousands of heart attacks and
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that glaxosmithkline knew of the risks for years but worked to keep them from the public. at the time, glaxosmithkline rejected any assertions that the drug is not safe. people who stay up late at night, whether they are working, playing, or just posting on facebook, have a higher chance of developing depression and learning problems. and it is not just because of lack of sleep, but also because of the exposure to bright light at night from lamps, laptops or i-pads. the finding came from a study of mice at johns hopkins university. researchers say it shows that our ability to use light 24- seven may be actually causings us a great deal of harm. >> we have a bright light in the world of cooking today. a special guest is cookin' in the wgn kitchen, hi rachael! >> i am making a big beautiful and meat sauce. ♪ [ male announcer
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goes something like this ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out.we have such a special lunch break today rachael ray's new book "my year in meals" is now out... and she's here today with one of the recipes she made exactly one year ago today. >> this cookbook is the most personal and cook is one we've ever done. my husband and i kept a journal. he is the mixologist and he kept a journal of ever caught tilly is made. and i kept a journal of every single thing we have made for my family and myself for over a year. this is a meal that i literally made last year on this day. it is a
12:49 pm
meat sauce and my mother was coming to dinner and her favorite wine is moral. >> i notice how you had the anti and accent in there. >> you can use any spicy or dry wind rhine that you like. it starts out just like any other meat sauce. and the meat rowlett and taken out. and in a pound and a half of ground beef rounded over high heat until you get it nice and almost crusty and crunchy. >> why did you take that out before you put the ground beef in? >> saw it would not go too far. >> and are you add to that later of the flavor is the meat. you want to brown the meat without taking the other ingredients too far. >> now were adding carrots,
12:50 pm
celery, onions. a little bit of caring for sweetness. and of course garlic. you add that in with a low curve of bundle. sage rosemary and thyme. throw that in with salt and pepper. a few minutes later it looks like this here. if you buy tomato paste, by in this type containers are you can just throw it back into the refrigerator. then you have to stir this until you smell the aroma of the time later. then you're going to decrease the pan. and then dumped and about 1/3 and 1/2 cup. we're going to add in some beet stock. throw that into the pot. then one can
12:51 pm
of an italian tomatoes. when you're breaking up the tomatoes, i use a tomato or potato masher. let it cook out until it thickens and the timid as a breakdown for about one half hour. add 8 c. of milk. it makes the sauce barry looked serious and sit on your pallet a little. let simmer a few minutes more and it looks like this. pull out the urban bundle right before you're ready to serve. >> before we go on, i have to talk about this. this is the lazy susan that lazy ladle. i wanted dishwasher safe and heat safe. they call the lazy because they sit on the side of the pot.
12:52 pm
>> i am going to give you these because i think it is so cute that you noticed. then pastas and just before you drain it, take some of the starchy water and have the sauce and toss it with the boston and reserve the rest of the sauce to put up on the top. nothing makes me more angry than a plate of naked pastas with just a glob of saltsauce on top of it. you put the green placed on that the orange plate. you have this big beautiful ribbons of pastas. isn't that gorgeous. >> it is delicious looking. >> for me it is deja vu. this is
12:53 pm
what i had last year. >> i run out of ideas at the like to make the same thing over and over again for dinner. i am getting this book and now i have my guide for the year. >> my husband and i have a garden of state. this is the most seasonal book i have ever written. at the beginning of the month you can look at the whole calendar and pinpoint what appeals to you. the new ford and then you flip the book over and you see all the cocktails that my husband made throughout the year that will go with the meal. in, you have some easy ones and you have some complicated ones? >> i have lots of stuff that we have done on the daytime show and a lots of stuff that we would never do on tv. i made a pork dish for my husband's birthday that took me four days. that would not be television
12:54 pm
ready. we have everything from pizza to what we have for thanksgiving christmas, new year's. for us it is like a family scrapbook. >> when you talk about size, i'd want to talk about your thanksgiving. it is not just one or two. >> we've done every single day this month, all the way up to things given on our show size, turkeys, every way you can cook it. anything you need for thanksgiving whether you are a beginner doing for the first time or if you're cooking for 50 people. you can go to the website. it is called organize really easy. you can pick and choose, mix and match. there is so much material, we have been cooking our hearts out for weeks. >> thank you so much for being
12:55 pm
here. do you want me to break some cheese for you. >> we've got a wgn midday news exclusive for you... now that you've seen a preview of the goodies included in rachael ray's new cookbook 'my year in meals,' go to wgn tv dot com slash contests to enter for your chance at one of two cookbooks and the chance to get it autographed in person! rachael will be in naperville on december 14th and our winners will also win a v-i-p meet and greet with rachael. rachael, thanks so much for joining us. for those of you in chicago, be sure to check out "rachael ray" right here on wgn every weekday at 10 a.m. central.
12:56 pm
and her newest book "my year in meals"... it's on shelves now. to learn more go to rachael ray dot com. and for that state's recipefor today's recipe you can log on to our website i have a cold,
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and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth!not a bad weekend coming
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up. lots of sunshine and mild temperatures. the mild temperatures and extend to thanksgiving week. 70 percent of the normal fall rains. we are way below normal. at 558 vs. 792. but the weekend is not the time you want to catch up on that. 53 degrees is the temperature at chicago. that is the first day this week we have made it up to fit the degrees.
12:59 pm
look at what the readings due today. that is conservative. we are expecting low-mid 50s today and back to the '50s tamara and back to the upper 50s on sunday. this warm up is shrinking the national snowpack. this is a pretty expensive warm-up that is going on. it rains for the next three and a half days at both coast with only sprinkles here in the middle. 54 degrees tomorrow 58 sunday, it is monday and tuesday and 60 on wednesday. it could be the first thanksgiving in 14 years with the 60 degree temperature. you can almost grill outside. we'll have to get rac

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